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Kevin Tellez - UDOPIA
The meaning behind UDOPIA is a simple one in theory, but probably a very difficult one to accomplish. It is the dream that one day as a human race we can coexist in a beautiful harmony where we all want the best for each other. And I don't mean in a way where we are all "buddy buddy", I mean in a way where everyone can just be the best version of themselves, and by default everything else falls into place.


We all come from different walks of life, take me for example. Born to immigrant parents from Mexico City, my parents came here at a very young age with my baby older brother to have me here in California. In a way, my entire 4 person family had to figure out life simultaneously here in America. The rest of my family from both sides stayed behind in Mexico. My parents were young lovers, and that has always stuck with me. I believe we all need love, I believe the world needs love, and I believe if more people felt love than we would all have less problems.


I have always been a naturally introverted and shy person, and I have always naturally opted to exist in the spiritual plane. Whether that be through music, TV, movies, or just a simple day dream, I was always very imaginative and creative, existing in my head. I hope to bring some of my god given divine inspiration to the physical plane, for others to enjoy!

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